Cortland 333 Classic WF

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The 333 is truly the most proven line on the market. It's caught countless fish and been recommended by generations of anglers. Today, it marries that test of time with true value. The series is available in weight-forward and double tapers, designed to suit a variety of fishing conditions and species.


WATER: Freshwater/Saltwater
LINE: Floating
LENGTH: 90ft
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament 

• All Purpose
• High Floating
• Extremely Durable

A durable, high-floating, general-purpose fly line available in a weight-forward taper. Designed to perform well with modern medium- to fast-action graphite rods, the original 333 was the industry’s first modern PVC fly line and has been a popular choice among avid fly anglers for over 50 years.

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