Cortland 444 Sylk

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The 444 Classic Sylk fly line is the first ever fully synthetic fly line to recreate the original appearance and unique performance of the finest natural silk lines from the past 100 years - without all the maintenance and high cost.
Skillfully designed for the avid bamboo and fiberglass angler, the 444 Classic Sylk fly line is butter-soft and is smaller in diameter than traditional synthetic floating lines, making it the line of choice for traditional action rod anglers, including those earlier rod designs that have smaller guides.
With the traditionalist in mind, Cortland’s technicians have designed this line in a color that nearly matches the look of traditional silk line coated with linseed oil and mucilin.
Their suppleness makes them great cold weather lines with virtually any fly rod.
The taper of the new 444 Classic Sylk is based on traditional silk line designs with long front tapers and longer level tips.

WATER: Freshwater
LINE: Floating
LENGTH: 90ft
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament  

• Weight Forward or Double Taper
• Ultrathin Diameter
• Front Welded Loop

The 444 Classic Sylk is the first modern line designed specifically for fine bamboo, fiberglass and slower rods

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