Peak Vises

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PEAK Fly Tying Vises

The PEAK Rotary Vise (PRV products) is designed for optimal tying efficiency and ease of adjustment and set-up. Materials (including Stainless Steel, Brass, Tool Steel, and Aircraft Aluminum) are chosen to last a lifetime. Hardened and tempered tool steel jaws hold hooks securely, from size 2/0 (depending on exact hook wire diameter) down to the smallest you can buy. Adjustments are accomplished with minimal effort. The large stable pedestal base will hold this vise where you set it, and the non-marking feet protect the surface you set it on. The steel base is powder coated white for a durable surface that provides a backdrop you can see your materials against. The base also includes an integrated hook/bead pocket with rounded edges for ease of removal, and two accessory post mounting holes (accessory post not included). The base is designed to pack flat for travel with the vise removed. The rotation resistance adjustment screw provides infinite adjustment and is easily manipulated by right or left handed tiers. A height and length adjustable bobbin cradle are supplied with the vise. Loosening a single set screw allows the vise to be removed from the base for travel.

LIRS - Large Iron Retention System. Rather than clamping your hook between two parallel surfaces like a conventional vise, the LIRS utilizes a drawbar to capture the bend of the hook and pull the hook into the tapered groove of the LIRS nest, where it is securely held. Ideal for larger wire sizes, longer hook shanks and any application where additional holding power is required, such as spinning or stacking hollow hair . And best of all, it’s a true in-line rotary vise!

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